Food Packaging Label Design Template


Are you tired of boring and unappealing food packaging labels? Do you want to make your product stand out on the shelves and in the minds of consumers? Look no further than our food packaging label design template! With customizable options, eye-catching graphics, and easy-to-read fonts, this template is the perfect solution for any business looking to elevate their branding game. Say goodbye to generic designs and hello to a standout brand identity with our food packaging label design template.

What is a food packaging label?

A food packaging label is the primary means by which consumers know what goes into a product and how to use it safely. The label must be legible and informative, while also being visually appealing. Labels can be made from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, or even glass.

Food packaging labels are regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and must meet specific requirements in order to be approved for sale. All labels must bear the name and address of the manufacturer, as well as any required health warnings or nutritional information. In addition, all labels must display graphic elements that help distinguish one food product from another.

Food packaging labels are produced in a variety of formats and styles, depending on the type of product they represent. Some common label types include:

-Product labeling: This type of label includes information about the ingredients contained in a product, as well as any nutritional information or warnings associated with it.

– ingredient disclosure panels: These panels are located directly on the package front and list all of the ingredients contained within a product.

– container labeling: This type of label identifies both the package size and type (e.g., bottle, can) that a product comes packaged in.

– Nutritional labeling: This refers to all forms of labeling that provide information about the nutritional content (i.e., calories, grams of protein, or fat) of a food item.

Food Packaging Label Design Template

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The different types of food packaging

There are many different types of food packaging, and each has its own specific design requirements. Here are four common types of food packaging, with examples of their labels:

Bottled water:

This type of packaging requires a clean and modern look with a minimalistic design. The label should feature the product’s name, logo, and country of origin.Water bottles also come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any décor. Additional information such as the drink’s caffeine content or ingredients can be included on the back or side of the bottle – White Dots.

Boxed foods:

This type of packaging is most commonly used for packaged foods that come in individual portions such as cereal, coffee, or snacks.The box will usually have graphics on both the front and back to attract attention. Information such as the product’s name, weight, and nutritional information should be prominently displayed on the front panel. Additional features such as coupons or customer testimonials can be featured on the back panel.


This type of packaging is often used for products that need to be transported somewhere quickly such as groceries or vitamins. The pouch will typically have a graphic design that reflects the product inside it. The graphic might be simple like a picture or it might incorporate elements from the product itself like an image of a fruit or vegetable.Text detailing the product’s ingredients and instructions for use should also be included on these pouches.

Chips and crisps:

This type of packaging is often used for foods that are high in fat, salt, or sugar. The design of the label should reflect this with a bold and colorful design. The text on the label should be simple and easy to read, with minimal typography. Additionally, a logo or illustration for the product should be featured prominently on the front of the package.

What do food packaging labels need to include?

Label printing is an essential part of the food packaging process. It can help to identify the product, and ensure that it is safe to eat.

Food packaging labels should include information such as the product’s name, ingredients, nutritional content, storage instructions and contact details for customer service. They should also state if the product is suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Some companies also use QR codes on their labels to let customers access further information about the product, such as recipe ideas or allergy advice.

It is important to keep your label design consistent across all products in your line-up. This will help consumers to easily navigate your products and make informed buying decisions.

How to create a food packaging label design template

If you’re looking to create a professional food packaging label design, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to understand the different types of food packaging on the market. Next, consider your target market and what their needs may be. You’ll also need to focus on your brand’s aesthetic and how you want your packaging to look. Once you have all of that figured out, start creating templates or designing from scratch using Adobe Photoshop or another graphic design software. Keep in mind that different types of food require different types of packaging labels, so be sure to study up before starting!


Thanks for reading our article on food packaging label design template. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you will find the perfect template to suit your needs. If you need help finding the right one for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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