WPC Floor/PVC Foam Board Production Line: Efficient Control and High-Quality Output

Boyu Extruder, a renowned manufacturer of PVC sheet extrusion equipment, offers a comprehensive WPC floor/PVC foam board production line. Our line includes a state-of-the-art WPC board-making machine, designed to produce high-quality WPC boards from raw materials such as PVC powder, calcium carbonate, stabilizer, lubricant, and small materials. With our commitment to excellence and certifications such as CE, Boyu Extruder is the trusted choice for manufacturers in need of top-notch PVC sheet extrusion equipment.

Efficient Control: PLC Programmed Control for Precise Operations

The WPC board-making machine in Boyu Extruder’s production line features efficient control through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming. This control mode allows for precise control and adjustment of various parameters throughout the production process. Manufacturers can program and fine-tune the machine to achieve desired output, ensuring consistent and high-quality WPC boards. With PLC control, Boyu Extruder’s production line offers reliable and efficient operations.

High-Quality Components: Omron or Siemens PLC, Touch Screen Options

Boyu Extruder prioritizes the use of high-quality components in our WPC board-making machine. The PLC options include renowned brands such as Omron or Siemens, known for their reliability and performance. The touch screen interface, available in Chinese famous mature brands or Siemens, provides intuitive control and monitoring of the production process. With these high-quality components, Boyu Extruder’s production line ensures seamless operation and optimal performance.

Certified Quality: CE Certification for Reliability and Compliance

Boyu Extruder’s WPC board-making machine is certified with CE, a mark of compliance and reliability. The CE certification signifies that our equipment meets stringent quality and safety standards, providing manufacturers with peace of mind and assurance of top-quality output. By choosing Boyu Extruder’s production line, manufacturers can be confident in the reliability, performance, and compliance of their PVC sheet extrusion processes.


Boyu Extruder’s WPC Floor/PVC Foam Board Production Line offers efficient control and high-quality output for manufacturers in the PVC sheet extrusion industry. With PLC programmed control, high-quality components from renowned brands, and CE certification, our production line ensures precise operations, seamless performance, and reliable output. Trust Boyu Extruder for your PVC sheet extrusion needs and experience the benefits of efficient control, high-quality components, and certified reliability. Elevate your production capabilities with Boyu Extruder’s WPC Floor/PVC Foam Board Production Line.

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