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Unraveling Your Genetic Code: The Power of Tianlong’s Genetic Test Kits

Discover a breakthrough in respiratory virus detection with Tianlong‘s cutting-edge genetic test kit. They have redefined diagnostic possibilities, offering a comprehensive solution to identify 12 different respiratory viruses with remarkable precision. With the power of Real-time (Reverse Transcription) Polymerase Chain Reaction (Real-time RT-PCR/PCR), this kit stands as a beacon of accurate and efficient diagnostics.

12 Viruses, 1 Solution: Precision Redefined

Tianlong’s Respiratory 12 Types Virus Detection Kit brings forth a game-changing approach to respiratory virus diagnostics. This kit allows healthcare professionals to qualitatively detect and differentiate 12 distinct respiratory viruses, including influenza A, influenza B, human metapneumovirus, and more, all from a single sample in a single run. The high sensitivity, with a detection limit of up to 500 copies/mL, combined with unparalleled precision values, sets a new gold standard in virus detection.

Efficiency Elevated: Laboratory Workflow Simplified

Imagine streamlining diagnostics by detecting 12 pathogens at once, enabling quick and accurate identification of infectious agents causing flu and flu-like symptoms. This is the power of Tianlong’s kit—it empowers laboratories, simplifies workflow, and significantly enhances efficiency. With its user-friendly design and compatibility with various fluorescence channels, including FAM, VIC (HEX), ROX/Texas Red, and Cy5, this kit brings diagnostics to new heights. Backed by CE marking, it’s accessible to a global audience, reinforcing Tianlong’s commitment to advancing healthcare worldwide. Choose Tianlong and embrace precision in respiratory virus detection like never before.


Tianlong’s genetic test kits, including the Gene PCR Detection Kit, represent a beacon of innovation in the realm of healthcare. These kits not only offer accurate genetic insights but also empower medical professionals to provide personalized care. As Tianlong continues to advance the field of genetic testing, individuals and healthcare providers alike can look forward to a future where health decisions are based on the unique blueprint of each individual’s genetic makeup.

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