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Sungrow’s SG320HX String Inverters Power World’s Largest Salt-PV Complementary Power Station

The world’s largest standalone salt-PV complementary power station, with a capacity of 1 GW, has been fully connected to the grid in Tianjin, China. The project features 2,190 units of Sungrow‘s solar power inverter, the SG320HX, which is perfectly suited for the high humidity and high corrosion environment of the salt fields near the sea.

Sungrow's SG320HX String Inverters Power World's Largest Salt-PV Complementary Power Station

Industry-Leading Protection and Reliability

Sungrow’s high-powered string inverters feature the industry’s highest protection level of IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion capacity. Each device undergoes extreme testing before leaving the factory, ensuring the most reliable protection and outstanding availability. The unique 24-hour AC/DC insulation monitoring function of the inverter can monitor impedance in real-time, quickly identify damaged cables, and prevent the risks of electric shock and fire caused by cable erosion.

Compatibility with High-Power Bifacial Modules

The SG320HX leads the 300kW+ string inverter trend and is perfectly compatible with high-power bifacial modules. It significantly reduces the Balance of System (BOS) costs while providing higher safety protection, more reliable power generation, and faster service response.

Significant Carbon Emissions Reductions and Green Electricity Generation

After the commissioning of the Huadian Haijing project, it is estimated that 1,500 GWh of green electricity will be generated annually from the 20,000 mu (approximately 1,333 hectares) of salt fields, reducing approximately 1.25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and meeting the annual electricity consumption of 1.5 million households.


Sungrow’s SG320HX string inverters have played a critical role in powering the world’s largest salt-PV complementary power station in Tianjin, China. With industry-leading protection and reliability, compatibility with high-power bifacial modules, and the ability to significantly reduce carbon emissions and generate green electricity, Sungrow continues to lead the way in providing innovative and high-quality solar power inverter solutions for the evolving needs of the market.

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