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SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850: Enhance Shooting Stability with Detachable Palm Support

As a renowned brand specializing in professional camera accessories, SmallRig introduces the SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850. This innovative wireless follow focus system is meticulously designed to offer filmmakers enhanced shooting stability, revolutionizing their approach to wireless follow focus systems. One standout feature of the SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 is its detachable palm support, which provides filmmakers with the ability to achieve steady and precise shots while ensuring optimal comfort and convenience during shooting sessions. With SmallRig’s commitment to excellence, the Follow Focus F60 3850 redefines the shooting experience and empowers filmmakers to capture remarkable footage with ease and confidence.

Equipped with a Detachable Palm Support for Stability

The SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 is equipped with a detachable palm support that enhances shooting stability. The palm support provides a secure grip and helps to minimize camera shake during handheld or moving shots. By stabilizing your hand and reducing unwanted vibrations, the detachable palm support enables you to achieve smoother and more professional-looking footage. Whether you’re shooting fast-paced action scenes or capturing subtle moments, the palm support ensures that your shots are stable and visually engaging.

Provides Added Comfort and Convenience

Filmmakers often spend extended periods behind the camera, making comfort a crucial factor. The SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 prioritizes user comfort by incorporating a detachable palm support. This feature not only enhances stability but also provides added comfort during long shooting sessions. The palm support is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on your hand, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without discomfort. Additionally, the detachable design offers convenience, giving you the flexibility to customize your setup based on your shooting preferences.


SmallRig’s Follow Focus F60 3850 transforms your shooting experience by offering a detachable palm support that enhances stability, comfort, and convenience. The palm support ensures steady shots by minimizing camera shake and vibrations, resulting in smoother and more professional-looking footage. Additionally, the added comfort and ergonomic design allow you to shoot for extended periods without discomfort. SmallRig continues to provide filmmakers with innovative solutions that empower them to capture exceptional footage. Experience the SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 and elevate your shooting stability to new heights.

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