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Pomagtor: Your Reliable Pogo Pin Manufacturer

Known for producing premium spring pins, pogo pins, test probes, and test pins, Pomagtor pogo pin manufacturer is a well-known business. Pomagtor has made a name for itself in the market as a reliable producer by placing a significant emphasis on the electronics sector and semiconductor testing field.


The Power of Pogo Pins

Pogo pins, a key product offered by Pomagtor pogo pin manufacturer, play a crucial role in ensuring efficient signal transmission within electronic devices. Unlike traditional shrapnel connectors, pogo pins are designed with a higher self-resonant frequency band and lower signal loss when operating at the same working height. This unique feature enables seamless transmission of high-frequency signals, making them an ideal choice for demanding electronic applications.

Unmatched Current Capacity

Pomagtor’s pogo pins are distinguished by their exceptional ability to manage high currents. These pogo pins offer a dependable and effective option for high-power connections with a current carrying capacity of up to 10 A or more. They ensure optimum performance and safety in a variety of sectors by being well-suited for applications that call for a powerful and robust electrical connection. For crucial electrical connections, Pomagtor’s pogo pins provide dependable and high-current capabilities.


For electronics and semiconductors, Pomagtor pogo pin manufacturer is a devoted maker of top-notch pogo pins, spring pins, test probes, and test pins. They distinguish out because to their dedication to quality, creative design, and high-current capabilities. Count on Pomagtor to improve the functionality of your electronic equipment, whether you require a strong connection or a dependable signal transfer.

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