Odds Ratio – Names of Popular Odds Types in Betting

Odds Rate is known as one of the basic concepts that help members make the right decisions in soccer betting. Odds numbers are provided by the playground in many different types to meet the passion of players when participating. Together New88today Discover all the information surrounding this important term.

What is the Odds rate?

Odds, also known as betting odds, refer to the amount of money the player receives after placing capital on the selected bet. In fact, in soccer betting, people often tend to spend capital in accordance with their abilities and financial conditions. Accordingly, the term Odds is the chance, the probability of the outcome in a specific match.

Normally, betting playgrounds often provide a variety of Odds options for you to choose from. The main goal of the unit is to stimulate player bets as well as uniformity in separate playing doors. This helps them maximize profits through commission discounts and differences between doors.

Experienced players choose to bet money based on the football Odds ratio. The applied method is based on reviewing the betting bonus provided by the house, and making the right decision through betting strategies and personal judgment.

Can confirm the playing tips are based on Odds rate is an extremely correct and smart choice. In addition, at betting sites there are also experts who analyze and evaluate betting odds to help you refer to information to make appropriate decisions.

Odds related stages

Throughout a regular football match Odds rate will be divided into 3 different stages. Players need to understand accurately to have the correct way to bet money. Specifically:

  • Open Odds: The period when the bookmaker opens the odds about 5-7 days before the official match takes place.
  • Live Odds: The official odds period is published on the odds board 1 day before the competition. This is considered the time when the odds table receives the greatest attention from players.
  • Running Odds: After placing a bet, the bookie system will give fluctuations in the odds depending on the match time.

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Name the popular types of Odds rates

In the field of soccer betting appears quite a lot Odds rate specifically to help you choose. Below we will summarize some popular forms that attract bettors as follows:

Decimal Odds

One of the popular forms of Odds used in soccer betting is expressed through decimal numbers. For example, if the team ratio is 2,000, you can bet 1 unit of capital on the team. In case you win, you will receive 2 times the bonus.

Decimal odds show the likelihood of a certain event occurring in a bet. The higher the odds, the lower the chance of an event occurring and vice versa, helping bettors make prediction decisions based on accurate and effective data sources.

European Odds

Odds Rate Commonly used in Europe through integer form. For example, the team’s winning rate is 3.00, which means that the player who bets 1 unit of money will receive 3 units including the initial capital.

The European ratio can also indicate the likelihood of an event occurring; the higher the ratio, the lower the event. However, for matches with a draw result, you will not lose your capital betting on the losing team.

American Odds

The form of ratio used in the US is expressed through negative or positive numbers. In case of a negative number, the player can win 100 units of money, Odds with a positive number will receive 200 units of money including the initial betting capital.

Hong Kong Odds Rate

The odds are developed from the European format but include the member’s initial betting capital. Parallel to the format number of Odds has a value higher than 0.00. Formula applied: Bonus equal to bet amount plus bet multiplied by Hong Kong Odds.

Tips for applying super accurate Odds rates

To effectively use Odds, you can apply some tips shared by experts. This is the way to increase the level of victory in football betting. Specifically:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the correct ratio is an important factor in making the right decision.
  • Monitor changing trends to make adjustments in your betting opportunities.
  • Choose the playground with the best Odds through accurate selection to increase more attractive profits.


Odds Rate Surely sharing from us will help you make the most objective assessment. Refer to the appropriate application form to optimize profits from your own passion most effectively.

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