6 Rules of Phom That Every Gamer Must Understand

Phom rules are the keywords that receive recognition. With its unique and unique gameplay, phom has long been a type of game that is popular with many people. Why is phom so attractive to players? Let’s join New88vinet Learn how to play as well as the rules of phom to understand why!

Learn the rules of playing phom

In addition to the name phom, this game also has another name that is equally familiar. That’s nonsense. Previously, phom was more popular in the northern region. Gradually, under the development and integration of the three regions, phom has been widely popularized throughout the country.

To play Phom (Ta La), we need to prepare a deck of 52 cards. Each game will consist of 2-4 players. Whoever holds the chapter will be dealt 10 cards. The remaining players will be dealt 9 cards equally. The remaining cards will be placed face down in the middle to wait for drawing.

The task of each phom player is to arrange cards and come up with a playing strategy to pick up the venom or capture the opponent’s cards to create phom. Once you have captured the venom or card from your opponent, you must lower any card (of course, without value) in your hand to the person sitting next to you. This card must be played in such a way that it does not give the opponent a chance to take it.

A game of phom ends when someone calls out (there are 3 phom). Or in case there is no one, the number of points will be considered to determine the winner or loser.

Rules of playing phom, these are the basic terms

In any game, there will be separate terms. And the same goes for phom, when playing, players must master the following specialized terms:

  • Phom: is a set of 3 cards with the same number (3 A’s, or 3 9’s, …) or a string of 3 cards with the same suit (of the same suit, for example 10? – J ? – Q?, …)
  • Junk: are cards that cannot be combined with other cards to form phom.
  • Mom: The game ends without any phom being created.
  • U: There are 3 phoms made up of 9 cards in the hand.
  • Steal the pawn: On the last turn, you can capture the previous player’s trash card.
  • Re: When playing Phom, someone at the table eats. At this time, the junk cards will be replaced. At that time, you will have 1 more turn.
  • Send: On the last turn, if your junk card can be sent to one of the opponent’s defeated phoms, send it. This is intended to reduce scores when calculating scores.
  • Compensation: If the person who hit first gets the pin and this person shouts, they must pay the remaining person.

The rules of playing phom must be firmly understood

Rules of Phom actually extremely simple. When playing phom, players need to remember and strictly follow the following 6 rules:

  • Regarding the number of players: In each game of phom, there will be a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of only 4 people.
  • In a game, there will be 4 rounds. Each round, each person will have the opportunity to win 1 card from the pile or from a card released by the opponent.
  • Once a junk card is captured, the junk cards on the table must move counterclockwise. This is done to let all players know how many rounds this hand has gone through.
  • The player who plays the last card is the one in the position with the fewest junk cards.
  • If there is a game of phom without a buzzer, consider the score of the cards in hand. Whoever has the least points wins. Or if there are 2 people with the same score, whoever puts down their cards first, wins. If from the beginning to the end of the game, someone cannot create any phom, that person is considered to have a tooth.
  • Rules of Phom Temple when playing Phom:

Firstly, in previous rounds, if the next person eats the previous person’s trash, they will only have to pay 1 bet. However, if in the final round, 4 bets will have to be paid.

Second, in case the next player wins 3 cards from the previous person, it will be counted as blind. At this time, the previous person will have to pay the village.

Third, when the last card is released and the person next to you wins and busts, you must pay the village.

The rules of playing phom are relatively simple and easy to remember. So to become a master at playing Phom, remember these Phom Rules thoroughly!


The rules of Phom are simple and everyone knows

When starting a game of phom, all players will always place bets. After placing the bet, the cards will be dealt. When there are cards in hand, whoever holds the medal will give 1 trash card to the person next to them. If they do not take the card they just dropped, this person will proceed to pick the pot and give 1 random trash card to the next person.

The round continues until the buzzer is found or all 4 rounds are finished, then stops. Whoever wins will win and get to eat all the bets from the rest.

Experience in applying phom rules to always win from experts

Although the gameplay and rules of phom are easy to remember, winning each game is not simple. To win, these are the experiences that the experts have learned.

  • Always focus on remembering all the cards that have been played. By doing this, you will know which cards your opponent cannot take. From there, I will play worthless cards for my opponent.
  • Absolutely do not get caught by using your memory to judge whether the opponent has the ability to take this card or not? If you feel safe, then post.
  • During the playing process, if you see that the cards in your cards are not capable of forming a phom. Let’s break it down. However, you also have to remember to see if you can figure out whether your opponent can win or not!

If you can apply these experiences, the ability to create your own phom is great. Not only that, the probability of your opponent winning your cards is very low.


These are all the most basic information in the rules of playing phom that new88 Share with players. Memorize them well to become masters in this card game!

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